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15 May

Hey there Shower-Heads! I know we’ve been keeping you a little… un-busy with band news lately, but this is all about to change! We’ve been working tirelessly (or at least Micky has, the rest of us have been drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and Milwaukee’s best on our balconies) at our upcoming album and things are really coming along. We’ve been digging into our savings over the past few months to get this thing together, but we know for a fact it’ll all be worthwhile. I think it’s fair to say this opus of ours will be the greatest album in the history of mankind (yes, better the Britney Spears’ Blackout and Mozart’s concierto thingy). We have been putting our heads together to think of brilliant and novel ideas like recording guitars on top of bass and drum tracks, as well as using microphones and mixers to convert audible sounds into wave format; I don’t want to give too many details away as the process is underway for a patent, but suffice it to say, when we’re done, all our fans will be able to insert circular disks (also called CDs) into compact disk players and when the appropriate keys are pressed, music will come out as though we were all standing next to you in your kitchen playing our instruments! Hell, for the right price we’ll even come to your house and lip-sync the album for you and your family!

So worry nay, the dry-spell is over, some awesome tunes are on their way and in the meantime, we’ll try and post some sound clips of stuff we’re working on, some highly inappropriate pictures of ourselves dancing with unicorns and some news bits to keep you on the same page
It’ll be very Web 2.0 whatever that means.

In the meantime, enjoy the tracks posted and depending on where you live in this great globe of ours, check out our Upcoming Gigs section to find out when we’ll be rockin’ your hood!

Album launch is officially July 3rd at Petit Campus in Montréal and for a tenner you can come hear three awesome bands AND get your copy the best album ever recorded

See you then and if you need a ticket, we’ll be glad to put our tight spandex bike shorts on and meet up to give you one-o’-them tickets