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9 Jul

Hot Showers, fresh from their Mtl launch, are heading to Toronto! Sorry for the lag in news on the website as of late, we’ve been using that social networking machine a few of you may have heard of -Facebook- for most of our updates recently, but we don’t want to ignore the good old World Wide Web! So since last we spoke, we had an awesome launch party for our first full-length album “Memories of Melodies” at Petit Campus (last Saturday, July 3rd). We got to see quite a few familiar faces, and some not so familiar, but to everyone that came out and made the event so much fun: Thank you!

So our album is officially available in the Montreal region and as we tour the Nation, we’ll be revealing it city by city to all our Showerheads out there! Toronto’s up next and as the heading says we’re going to be rocking The Central in downtown Toronto tomorrow night with our friends Actor’s and Architects (whom you might have seen play with us earlier this year at L’Absynthe)

In other news, we finally got off our asses and printed up some really sweet looking T-shirts and classy pins, so if you’re interested in anything, just send us an email and we’ll get your swag or CDs to you, rain or shine anywhere on island (Chris really wants to get some serious biking done this summer, so abuse him and get it delivered to the most complicated place you can imagine – have an aunt that lives in Kirkland? Perfect time to send her a gift!)

Till next we post, enjoy the summer and keep in touch with us through Facebook – if you have an awesome cover idea or want to tell us how sexy we are, it’s the perfect place to do it!