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New News & Old Shoes

15 Oct

New News & Old Shoes
What’s up, internet!

It’s been a busy past month.

We’re very proud to say that we got to open up for one of our collective musical heroes, Jesse Malin, last month – we even followed him to Toronto after a last minute request from him for us to do so! The shows were awesome, and Malin is a real down to earth guy (so is his band, the St Marks Social), and a great musician. It was quite an honor to share the stage and Tequila with him.
We’re also happy to announce that as of next Tuesday, October 19, the Music 4 Cancer compilation album ( for which we recorded a new song entitled ”Tex”) will be out in record stores throughout Canada. All proceeds from the sales of this CD will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Pretty cool stuff. And just check out the other bands on there, everyone from Wayne Kramer (of MC5) and NOFX make an appearance!!!
You can check out the website at – and pick up your copy: it’s for a good cause, and it will shred your soul in awesomeness.
Meanwhile, our debut album, ”Memories Of Melodies” is now available on iTunes, so if you’re not into materialism, pick up your digital copy now!!!
That’s not all! We have a webstore! For all of you who want to purchase the physical copy of the album, head on over to
The Music 4 Cancer CD should be available through the webstore soon.
Music 4 Cancer - The Cause

Finally, this Saturday October 16 marks the cd release party of Music 4 Cancer. If you’re in Montreal, come check it out, we’ll be playing at L’absynthe (1738 Rue Saint-Denis) – so come rock out, drop out, make out, or whatever it is you gotta do!! This is gonna be an awesome night!!!

Music 4 Cancer Release Party

Thanks very much for the support everyone, hope to have a drink with ya soon and we should have some pretty exciting tour news soon. We’ll blog the hell out of it when it happens!

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