15 Aug

Well, well.

If you guys didn’t know already, we are now a 3-piece. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT WE HAVE 25% LESS INSPIRATION!!! What? Nobody thought it did? Anyway. We are arguably working on the greatest string of future releases that mankind will ever see:

– First up, “Songs for a Musical”.
Our talented friends Alex Rose (see pic)



and Louis Lazaris (check out his video clip for our friends from Tyger Tyger) are currently working on a short film for the CBC, that they are writing and directing. Said movie, turns out to be a musical, for which yours truly is musically directing-ing, and for which the band as just recorded 3 songs at Studio 8. Huzzah!

– Secondly, we are planning the recording and subsequent release of a new EP that will showcase a more playful aspect of the band (I also don’t know what that means). Will probably see the light this fall, maybe sooner.

– And finally, we are currently culling tracks for our new album. So far, only our “Rihanna’s What’s my Name” cover has made the cut.

Oh, and for some thing or other, expect vinyl. Goodbye!


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