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3 Feb

Well, it was indeed time for an update, wasn’t it?

I’ll start by saying that we’re looking at a very promising 2012. We’ve spent much of 2011 writing new songs, and adapting to our new-ish 3-piece lineup. What this means is that half the songs have Mickey on guitar with Frank on bass, and for the other half they switch it up. It’s been working remarkably well, and it allows for a more streamlined songwriting process.

We currently have 16 new songs that we’re happy with (we’ll never mind the other ones for your sake), and we intend to go into a studio soon to record what will be our 2nd full length album. The 16 songs won’t all make the cut due to stylistic differences between some of them (we have a surf song, a song about a dead oil baron, garage rock, slow songs, and one I particularily like called “I Don’t, Bitch” – we do not endorse logic, it seems). We really want to make a tight, linear record that flows front to back in the vein of The Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros… juuuuust kidding. We’re not artists, people, we just like to drink beer and play rock and roll. Naked, with whipped cream.

We recently started to realize that a lot of the songs could be complemented by a 2nd guitar, which is why we’re activally looking for a new bassist. If you know anyone or you’re interested yourself, just email us at!

Because of this, it’s been a slow season for shows, but the 2nd half of 2012 should have our beautiful faces showing up in many a different city. We also recently relocated our jam space, and it’s awesome!

So with that, we should have more news soon, and once we hit the studio, we’ll have plenty of pics for ya.


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