Formed in Montreal in 2002 by then-16 year olds Shawn van de Peppel and Chris Harding, The Hot Showers started out as most bands do, a couple of friends just wanting to play music and cover their favourite songs. Soon enough they found the vocalist/guitarist they were looking for in Michael O’Narey and started writing songs together. The 3 of them stayed through numerous line-up changes until Frank Dupont came in on guitar and brought an amazing style that was the missing ingredient in the Showers’ sound; i.e. the band finally had someone who could play rhythm like it’s nobody’s business!

Having written tons of songs and played countless gigs throughout Montreal and Quebec, the band decided it was time to start thinking about recording their first full-length album.

From there, they spent over one and a half years planning and recording Memories Of Melodies. To avoid riots in the long dry spell of releases, the band put out Baden Baden in late 2009, offering up acoustic takes on a few of their songs and releasing a couple electric ones.

For the most part, Memories of Melodies was self-recorded. The title sums up a lot about the sound of The Hot Showers: a band very much influenced by rock ‘n roll in all its different forms throughout the years – the album offers an understanding on the variety of the genre, without losing track of the band’s unique sound.

With numerous tour plans ahead and an already-impressive track record – the Showers have opened for Jesse Malin, as well as the UK’s own Frank Turner, and are soon to be featured on the “Music 4 Cancer” compilation, alongside NOFX, Millencollin, Wayne Kramer (of MC5), Frank Turner, Less Than Jake and Joey Cape – this is just the beginning in The Hot Showers’ musical journey. Cheers.


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