17 Apr


Lyrics and chords for one of our newer songs.



3 Feb

Well, it was indeed time for an update, wasn’t it?

I’ll start by saying that we’re looking at a very promising 2012. We’ve spent much of 2011 writing new songs, and adapting to our new-ish 3-piece lineup. What this means is that half the songs have Mickey on guitar with Frank on bass, and for the other half they switch it up. It’s been working remarkably well, and it allows for a more streamlined songwriting process.

We currently have 16 new songs that we’re happy with (we’ll never mind the other ones for your sake), and we intend to go into a studio soon to record what will be our 2nd full length album. The 16 songs won’t all make the cut due to stylistic differences between some of them (we have a surf song, a song about a dead oil baron, garage rock, slow songs, and one I particularily like called “I Don’t, Bitch” – we do not endorse logic, it seems). We really want to make a tight, linear record that flows front to back in the vein of The Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros… juuuuust kidding. We’re not artists, people, we just like to drink beer and play rock and roll. Naked, with whipped cream.

We recently started to realize that a lot of the songs could be complemented by a 2nd guitar, which is why we’re activally looking for a new bassist. If you know anyone or you’re interested yourself, just email us at!

Because of this, it’s been a slow season for shows, but the 2nd half of 2012 should have our beautiful faces showing up in many a different city. We also recently relocated our jam space, and it’s awesome!

So with that, we should have more news soon, and once we hit the studio, we’ll have plenty of pics for ya.


The Hot Showers Inc.


28 Dec

Well, Facebook and Myspace got the drop on you old site, but all is well! All our dear page-readers will soon get the news.

As a sort of belated christmas gift, you can now enjoy a brand new christmas song complete with christmas cheers, jeers and Shakespeares (King Lear’s?). Entitled Merry Christmas, it is currently streaming on our myspace or you can download it from the immensely popular site MEGAUPLOAD at

So, once more from the merry bunch: Have a merry merry, happy happy, drunky drunky time this holiday season and may the new year bless you with more Hot Showers crap (like shows and albums…. hourray for self-promotion!).

Memories of Melodies – Pay what you want

15 Nov

An awesomely important news that will change your life: our album, Memories of Melodies, is now available at
If you want the album, it’s yours – pay what you want. If you’re broke, this means this is a good chance to get it too, as we’re not asking for a minimum price. Just enjoy it, and speard the word with love, hugs, kisses, roses, jelly beans, rockets and lollipops.

New News!

14 Nov

Hello there!
Though we haven’t posted many updates, we’ve been keeping busy!
We currently are working on over 15 new songs for a new EP, followed by the 2nd album, which we’re hoping for a Spring 2012 release. We’ll soon be doing some pre-production on them, and are looking into which studio to record in. It’ll be a completely different process than with Memories Of Melodies, and we’re really looking forward to it.

If you haven’t heard yet, our 2nd annual Movember show is announced. It will take place Saturday December 3 at Pub St-Ciboire in Montreal, with The Ravens joining us. The day before, on dec. 2nd, we’ll be playing with The Midnite Lovers in Trois-Riviere for the new EP release party. Should be a very healthy weekend.

Oh, and we’re buying a shooter to the 3 people with the most awesome Mo’s on December 3, so make sure you let that beautiful ‘stache grow for a good cause and some potential free booze!

Another project worth mentioning is a few months ago, one of our shows was filmed and recorded live for an upcoming Music 4 Cancer DVD. It should hit the shelves also around Spring 2012, and we’re really looking forward to it!

It’s been a hell of a year for us, and we’re looking forward to ending it on a high note, with a lot coming up in the next year.

Cheers to you, and see ya at the show!!!!
The Hot Showers

PS: Checked out our drummer Shawn’s website yet? Lots of cool interviews and contests of awesome bands playing in our fair city.


End of Movember

14 Nov

End of Movember


16 Aug

We have the pleasure of announcing that we will play the Music 4 Cancer festival september 4th with the mighty Grim Skunk and the excellent Colin Moore. Anyone who wants to support a good cause and get a sonic blowjob from the greatest musical architects in the country (Grim Skunk, Colin Moore and Grim Skunk again… they count twice) come on up to the Monte Cristo, Ste-Therese, 10 Blainville St W.
And btw, bring your best attitude, you, and us, will be filmed and recorded professionally for the upcoming Music 4 Cancer DVD (that already features a bunch of cool bands).
See ya there!